Astra Cub Wooden (Turkish Walnut) Handgun Grip KSD-01774

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  • Brand: Astra
  • Product Code: KSD-01774
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Enhance the look and feel of your firearm with the Astra Cub Wooden (Turkish Walnut) Handgun Grip. Manufactured to perfectly fit Astra Cub handgun models, this high-quality grip is an excellent addition for any gun enthusiast. It is constructed from rich Turkish walnut, renowned worldwide for its robustness and alluring grain patterns that grow more appealing as they age.

This exceptional grip has variable contours to ensure it fits snugly in your hand, enhancing balance and making controlled shooting second nature. It's an easy and exceptional way to increase the performance of your Astra firearm. Unlike synthetic options, this wooden grip adds a touch of warmth and elegance, making it as visually attractive as it is functional.

Upgrade your Astra firearm with the Astra Cub Wooden (Turkish Walnut) Handgun Grip for a truly unique firearm experience. Its durability, ergonomics, and aesthetic appeal make it a worthwhile addition to your firearm. This product transcends the basic function of a grip, taking your firearm's look and performance to a new level. Experience the difference with this exquisite Turkish walnut grip.

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Brand Astra
Logo Company Logo - Astra
Material Walnut
Model Cub

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